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Default Warhammer "Chaos Undivided" race

'Chaos Undivided' is based upon the Warhammer fantasy miniatures game and universe. This race is intended to simulate reasonably accurately the flavor of the Warhammer Chaos armies, to be reasonably balanced when playing with the other standard races in the game and also, hopefully, to just be a lot of fun to play with.

There are still some graphics that need to be done, primarily among the summonable greater demons and the hero deamon princes (currently using appropriate placeholder graphics). And I expect I will still be tweaking other already included graphics as time goes on. Getting things balanced is always a tricky business and depends to a large degree upon player feedback. I believe things are reasonably well balanced already, but more tweaking is certainly likely.

On an older thread, this mod went through numerous version upgrades. More version upgrades no doubt will come. Due to new posting rules, I must continue the version notes in this first posting, so please excuse the odd number sequencing:

Version 0.52
"Chaos steed hoof and bite" damage reduced to 18 from 20. Enchanted Spear carried by Lords of Slaanesh is now a custom weapon that is one handed instead of two handed as is the normal enchanted spear. It has also been toned down somewhat doing slightly less damage and having both less attack and defense bonus, it is after all a one handed spear. This should have the effect of reducing further the ability of Lords of Slaanesh to solo independents (even though Lords are 400 point units, none of them should be able to 'solo' independents). Slaanesh warriors and chosen defense dropped by one, attack increased by one. Champion and Lords of Slaanesh defense dropped by one. Nurgle units being undead are now all encumbrance 0. Nurgle flail damage increased by one. Lord of Khorne HP dropped to 30, equal to Lord of Nurgle, fear effect also dropped to remove bonus. This should keep them from being able to solo independents. Nurgle and Khorne greater demons now have equal health. Lord of the End Times immortality removed and new path cost increased to 80, natural magic paths now: blood, water, astral and death magic, not fire.

Version 0.53
Chaos Warrior Chariot is now fully ambidextrous (that was a huge oversight on my part). They are crewed by two warriors, neither should suffer a two weapon penalty. Chosen of Tzeentch now carry a 'magic' halberd. It is identical to the non-magic halberd otherwise. They alone among the chosen come equipped with a magic weapon due to their greater inherent magical affinity.

Version 0.54
The "Spear of Slaanesh" was buggy somehow and not doing the expected job. It has been replaced with a standard one-hand enchanted spear and the Lord of Slaanesh stats balanced to remain constant despite the higher stats on this spear.

Version 0.55
Champion of Tzeentch is now guaranteed at least astral 1 with a diminishing chance of having up to astral 4! Champion of Tzeentch now has the same 'magic' halberd as does the chosen of Tzeentch. Champion of Tzeentch given #poormagicleader. Gold cost increased to 200. Lord of the End Times given Fear 0. More names. Daemon Prince of Nurgle has encumbrance of 0 being undead.
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