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Default Re: Warhammer \"Chaos Undivided\" race mod

Chaos Cultists, the priests for Chaos, now have a single magic pick in blood magic instead of fire magic.

I've noted a few things with regard to Chaos Cultists. One is that with their previous one pick in fire magic, they are rather more useful than the typical priest when they show up as the basic commander in province defense. Another thing is that their current "Chaos Blessed" starting ritual which is based on the ritual spell of "Cross Breeding" currently uses fire as it's path. The "Cross Breeding" ritual is actually a blood path. Finally, I find the idea of blood magic far more thematic than that of fire for Chaos Cultists.

I bring this up because it is with some reticence that I convert the cultists magic pick to blood as it would seem this would make Chaos much more effective with regard to blood hunting. That said, in my own test games with Chaos, I rarely blood hunt with a sorcerer that has only one pick in blood. I'll use the few sorcerers that pop up with two blood for that. (Though it is entirely possible that I don't know how to properly blood hunt.)

Finally a question. It would seem to me to be very thematic to allow Chaos Cultists to blood sacrifice, especially given how the priests now have blood magic. However I am unsure as to whether this might make Chaos too powerful. I don't want to turn Chaos into a Mictlan however with nopreach and dyingdom, as this seems both unthematic for Chaos (it's rather the opposite of dying) and looks to me like a lot of extra micromanagement. Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether giving Chaos sacrificedom would be unbalancing? (Balance in this mod is more important than being thematic.)

For the time being, blood sacrifice is in the mod, pending feedback.

Version 0.50 uploaded. (Half way there?)
Chaos Undivided Race Mod
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