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Default Re: Game colour

Are you running full-screen mode? - if so this is a known issue especially with windows 7 - which is why there is a special script run with windows 7 to nuke the "aero" interface that thinks it owns the 256 colour palette because no "modern" applications will be using it.

It can happen in other windows versions if you are running in full-screen mode and task switch out of the game to another application. It seems to be very dependant on the video driver you have and whether or not it properly supports legacy 256 colour palette games.

The correct way is to run in windowed mode - at desktop resolution if you have the full CD game.

Full-screen mode is deprecated, and really is only provided for legacy support.

If you have the free download and want to run full-screen mode (few modern video cards will support that small a window these days) - then dont task-switch away from the game and back if your video card "loses" the 256 colour palette should you do so.

But if you have the full game - use windowed mode at desktop resolution. The game then uses the exact same palette as windows, no 256 colour problems.
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