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Default Re: Tips for Yomi, Oni Kings

"Other troops" are weak bandits, they`re quite useless. Banishment...yes, it`s bad - but not deadly, one priest can banish 3-4 demons before they kill him (If you use army of 70-100 demons in early game and 300-400 in mid-stage such casualties is not a problem)
Dai Oni also can use some buffs and gear - and with their magic skills it`s easier to do. Research is just problem of Oni - you must pick Magic for your dominion or search for Sages/Loremasters
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Plz sorry for my english - I`m Russian, and have no time to practice. If you want to discuss the game - well, let`s do it. If you want to discuss mistakes - write pm
Also grammar nazis must say sorry to my sick duck, yeah

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