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Default Re: Sundansyr's Mod for Starfury

Ok, have now played this one a bit. The many new images for the weapons and devices are nice. The re-adjusting of weapon damage, shield and armor points, and power usage makes combat more realistic in many ways. It takes a while to win an evenly matched battle.

The new differences between the various models of ships make it more worthwhile to upgrade, but there is a problem with one of them. The Mk III Terran cruiser cannot use the extra set of weapon points. Apparently the arc is too big and would hit the ship itself, so any weapon mounted there cannot fire. When I tried to display firing arcs while using the ship itself, SF locked so hard I couldn't even get out with Ctrl-Alt-Delete. But they displayed well enough in the Ship Dealer screen.

Also, the colors of all ships, planets, etc., have been darkened quite a bit and it's hard to see where things are. Whoever did this must use his monitor turned up to max brightness all the time.
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