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Default Re: Sundansyr's Mod for Starfury

Yea since I didn't make this mod., there could possibly be other bugs too. But the reason for the Starfury hang application is because the maincomponentconfigurationslotsplayer text for the Terran Cruiser III has different firing points and arcs than what is listed for it in the Spaceobjectsxfiles text. It can be fixed with not much effort. I will change the firing arcs too. To get the actual firing points anim8or is really usefull for that. I have set firing points for a bunch of ships in the Stargate Mod I made.

In the mods I have made, I make the ships and background brighter. The reason this is dark is becasue this is the standard lighting set in the P&N (or stock) game. You can change the lighting in the CampaignsData text. Also it can be changed in game by pressing K to increase brightness and L to decrease brightness.

I thought the components were cool too. That's why I spent the time to get the mod working. Keep the posts coming. When I get enough feedback I will release a newer version.
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