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Default Re: Anyone ever played Right-hand vs. Left-hand?

Necroing because another idea came to mind:

First of all you need a dice. Either use a web-based application like or an actual dice, whichever you prefer. Then roll the dice for player 1. Use some modifiers for extra flavor, some that come to mind are:

+1 if NATO vs. Soviet game (better command and control)
+1 if advancing (attacker has initiative)
+2 if assaulting (the above, plus time for better preparation of the offensive)

Then roll the dice and assign the modifiers above if applicable. The result is the number of turns you play as the player in question. After that repeat the above process for the other player.

Example: Player 1 is USSR in an assault scenario. Rolls a 4 and adds 2 since it is assault. End result 6. You play as the Soviet player for 6 turns. After that, you play as USA. You roll 4 again. Since it is USA vs. USSR you add 1, end result 5. So you play as USA for 5 turns. Repeat until the scenario ends.

I'm not sure about the number of dice needed and the modifiers, but you get the general idea. I'll probably try it for a couple of scenarios and tell you the results.
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