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Default Dominions II Links

This thread will be locked in order to keep it reasonably clean.

For feedback, comments, questions, suggestions, additions, modifications, deletions, or broken links please use this thread.

Shrapnel Games Dominions 2 Website -
Dominions 2 Patches, Demo, and Resources -
Dominions 2 FAQ - http://dominions2.kicks-***.org/docs/newbyguide.html
Dominions 2 Walkthrough (by Bruce Geryk) -

Illwinter Design -

Dominions X Fansite (including Forums) -
Arryn's Dominions 2 Resource Fansite -
Sunray's Virtual Dominions 2 Library -
Saber Cherry's Fansite (Including Combat Simulator) -
Darryl's Online Dominions 2 Spell Grimore -
Liga's Dom2 Website (Including Skills) -

Multiplayer Game Webservers
Mosenhansen's Dominions 2 Webserver -

Battlefield Player Rankings
Battlefield Website -
Tournament Ladder -

Leif's Dominions 2 Map Utilities (Including Random Maps) -
Gandalf Parker's Mapping Tools and 3rd Party Utilities "Addicted to Randoms" Page -

Multiplayer Games Forums
Shrapnel Games Offical Multiplayer Forum -
Gone Gold Multiplayer Forum -;f=11
Quarter to Three Games Forum -

French Forums (We're big in France!)
Net4War Dominions 2 Forum (from the Publisher of the magazine PC4War) - -;act=SF;f=86

Where can I buy Dominions 2?
Gamer's Front -
Store4War -
Central Dejocs in Spain -
Gogamer -
Tuxgames -
Strategic Plus -
IXSoft -
EnSof in Japan -
Games Warehouse in Australia -

IRC port 6667 channel #dominions

Anyone who isn't familiar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat), but would like to join the fun can PM Truper, and I'll try to help you get started.