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Default Re: Did Space Empires V kill Space Empires?

I still think going 3D was a stupid move by Aaron( or publisher?). Can't even imagine how much work he must have spent on that, and then bug-fixing it and probably having to re-implement every feature from SEIV. Even if he had outside help, that's still a tremendous amount of work just to get where the previous game is already at.

And all that time and resources could instead have been used to improve upon SEIV's gameplay and updating it with some nicer 2D graphics from a decent artist. Distant Worlds is an excellent example of how 2D graphics still work just great for this type of games, being pretty much the best 4x game to come out the last decade or so, especially now with its expansion.

Sad really, as Space Empires was definitely one of the 4x games with the most potential.
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