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Default Re: immobilized vehicles

Originally Posted by scorpio_rocks View Post
One thing you will notice about those photos of troops aiding vehicles in the mud... NONE of them are under fire! This is only after/between battles stuff and again outside the scope of the game during a firefight...
Excellent point, but also consider that unless you’re a combat photographer (also out of scope of this game, and not in the OOB), you’re not standing around taking candid buddy photos under fire either. If I had a truck load of grunts stuck in a snow drift or mud hole, and there was no visible enemy within 6 or 7 hundred meters or undetected with plenty of natural cover or low visibility (well within the scope of this game), I’d unload them, detach crew serviced arty if towing, and have them rocking that truck to free it. I wouldn’t abandon it without good cause. Would you? Now, a tiny map, with open terrain, on a nice sunny day and sure, it might be foolish. Depends on how bad you need the mobility. There’s always smoke to pop.

With all that said. It’s not like I’m asking for it, as I don’t believe the game engine could model various degrees of broken or stuck. We’ll call it “out of scope of the game engine”. I’m sure it’s been discussed before. Just making conversation with someone wondering about breakdowns, which were properly answered, and tossing out some observations along the way. That’s all, not trying to let a flat tire hold up the assault.
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