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Fallout Re: Jets & Planes but no UAV's here.

As I stated in my last APC post of earlier today the "winds of change" are a coming. No program is safe and the stakes have been increased outside the U.S. by China and Russia as I've posted. These changes are putting the F-35 further at risk here for us and it doesn't help when you announce more delays to the program around the time the SECDEF is announcing his budget cuts and Congress has since said it might not be enough. There's already talk of restarting production of the F-22 again even though it's a more expensive plane. Why? It's a proven jet that has exceeded expectations in all areas including in maintaining it. Also it's stealthier then the F-35. And it's thought to be better then the J-20 and Su-50 PAK FA already as well. Some of this I've posted from AUSA etc. on the analysis of the various aircraft just discussed. It might not totally be dead if the U.S. cancels it (SLAMRAAM is a perfect example, it got killed by SECDEF on 6 JAN. 2011 but, the program as far as I know is still pushing forward for the European countries that have been interested in it.) but if we do, will those same countries be willing to bear the costs involved to get it to production? So as usual we have more questions then answers but I'm confident we'll have a clearer picture of the situation by years end if not sooner.

More problems for the F-35, not a good thing at this time.
Some insight as to why the F-35B was put on "probation", and will there be "bleed over" for the F-35A and C?
The case for the F-22 in case you didn't like my case for it.

Well again everyone have a great weekend! Time to hit the rack, it's a work day for me later today, take care all!

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