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Default Re: DAR: GE Long campaign - small core

KG Krafft, 10 September, 1939

Situation: Division recon elements near Brok encounter late arriving Polish reinforcements, KG Krafft is the only armor unit that can reach the recon force in time to take advantage of the situation. The recon force consists of: 1x 222, 1x 223 (Fu), 6x 221, and 2x 231(8) armored cars; a kradshutzen platoon, a kraftradmelder section, and a section of 7.5cm leIG 18's towed by a pair of SdKfz 10s. [Lightly wooded area bisected by N-S stream and E-W dirt road with a NW-SE road in the NE corner, Meeting engagement, Visiblity 30, Length 43, standard V-hexes]

Orders: Join the division recon force and take command of the combined kampfgruppe. Deny the area to the enemy, inflicting as much damage as possible without undue casualties. Division artillery is not in position to give support but a flight of four Bf109Es are available for close air support.

Plan of battle: Recon elements will advance to contact and will maintain contact at distance. Armor will advance in company strength using maneuver to outflank enemy formations and defeat in detail. The kradshutzen platoon will assist the armor, and the PzIIc platoon will be held in reserve.

Execution: Fifteen minutes into the operation, an armored car troop engages a calvary squad at long range in the center. A TKS platoon is spotted in the south, PzIVb's and the PzIIIb/d(s)'s of the command element engage at long range, knocking out the lead TKS.m tankette. More calvary is spotted in the center and brought under fire by two troops of 221's. As the battle develops in the south, the TKS platoon quickly falls before combined 37mm and 75mm gun fire. To the north, an armored car troop is spotted, heavy armor cars move to intercept and the reserve platoon is ordered northward should committment against the enemy armored car threat prove necessary.

Half an hour into the battle, enemy artillery fires upon two separate overwatch positions in the south and center, forcing abandonment of those positions. Enemy infantry is spotted advancing along the road in the south where it is engaged by a platoon of PzIb's. In the north, the enemy armored car troop is destroyed by combined fire from PzIIc's and 231's. Enemy infantry reinforcements in the center come under fire from a 221 troop.

In the north enemy infantry continues to advance, armored cars maneuver to delay them. In the center the enemy advance is brought to a standstill by long range machinegun fire. To the south, the enemy is advancing in two columns, one along the road, another south of the road. Artillery is called to fall upon the enemy infantry on the road while a platoon of PzIb's maneuvers to engage the enemy south of the road.

An hour into the battle a pattern becomes evident, enemy artillery is attempting to deny long range firing positions while the infantry continues to advance trading casualties for ground. The enemy advance in the north has been the most successful, the center has seen minimal success, and in the south the enemy advances have been stopped cold. Luftwaffe assets are called in to strike the northern advance while local 75mm and 81mm assets continue to shell the southern road. Armor units are maneuvering into position for a concentrated sweep south of the road.

The airstrike by four Bf109E's together with armored car fire bring a temporary halt to the enemy advance in the north. The center stablizes with the committment of the reserves, and the security force advances to secure the southern road. In the far south, the armor forces the enemy infantry into rout, with the kradshutzen platoon assisting in cleanup operations.

The northern enemy force turns south towards the center with a number of AT-rifle teams infiltrating through the woods. Pressure on the center builds as additional reinforcements arrive. The southern enemy force is completely routed with many units completely eliminated. The armor force is being withdrawn from the south except for one PzIb platoon which will assist the security elements in securing the area. Another airstrike is called, this time on the center and local artillery is targetted upon adjoining areas.

At the two hour mark, although some units have run out of ammo, the enemy is in retreat after a combination of aerial and artillery bombardment in conjunction with a pincers attack by armor and armored cars. At two and a half hours in, all objectives are secured, and all observed enemy infantry is in full rout. For the next hour and a half, sporadic artillery fire and a few weak counterattacks is the extent of enemy action.

Decisive Victory in the last major action for KG Krafft in the Fall Weiss campaign.

Last turnfile attached, thanks for reading!

Notes: these battles, although fun, turned out to be easier than hoped for. If I were to do them over, I would increase the chance for scattered victory hexes and give the AI forces an increased purchase point multiplier. As far as core force mix, I would leave out the mortars and armored cars and change the light tank platoons to mixed platoons with two PzIIc's and three PzIb's each.
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