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Default Re: DAR: GE Long campaign - small core

KG Krafft, 13 May, 1940

Reorganization: in the reorganizations between October 1939 and April 1940, KG Krafft is transferred to the 5th Panzer Division. All PzIVb tanks are replaced by new PzIIIe tanks fresh off the assembly line, the C1 PzIIIb/d(s) is sent for overhaul being replaced by a PzIIIe and transferred to Platoon G. The three light tank platoons recieve some new equipment and now have three PzIIc's and two PzIb's each. The security platoon is reorganized as a PanzerGrenadier platoon with organic medium machinegun and a platoon of three SdKfz 251/1s and one SdKfz 251/10 is attached for transport. The Kampfgruppe also loses the attached armored car troop and mortar platoon but gains three JPzI's and a pair of sIG1b's with accompanying ammo trucks.

Status: The 5th Panzer Division is operating on the north flank of Army Group A during the Fall Gelb operation at the edge of the Ardennes.

Orders: Open a route for the division, neutralizing enemy forces in the division's path. [Advance mission, visibility 70, length 47, shotgun victory hexes].

Situation: KG Krafft is the schwerpunkt of the 5th division's exit from the Ardennes. A kradshutzen platoon and a pair of 88mm guns are attached for the duration of the operation. One 10.5cm artillery battery from division is in position to provide support. Luftwaffe assets are limited to two observation planes.

Plan of battle: KG Krafft will advance to contact through the center bounded by the northern main and southern secondary east-west roads. The command group will be reinforced by the JPz I platoon and the kradschutzen platoon. The PzIIIe platoon, security element, and 88mm guns will be held in reserve. Once contact is achieved, KG Krafft will penetrate the enemy lines, splitting the enemy force in two and then procede to eliminate the weaker section before turning on the stronger.

Execution: A French 75mm battery opens up with interdictory fire but falls outside of the assembly area. Extensive aerial recon over the first half hour of the engagement shows the enemy strength to be a reinforced infantry battalion deployed with one company astride the secondary north-south road in the center, another deployed around the northern intersection, and a third deployed around the southern intersection. A fourth company seems to be deployed west of the secondary road as a reserve. A pair of AT-guns are spotted in the north, east of the secondary road, while four 81mm mortars and two AA-guns are deployed in the north west.

The main body of KG Krafft quickly overruns the enemy infantry positions in the center and, before the first hour is up, reaches the secondary road running north-south. Leaving one platoon of mixed light tanks to hold the north flank and the command group to hold the center, the remaining two platoons of light tanks together with the PzIIIe platoon and security element turn south.

Supporting artillery fire from the 10.5cm battery and the two sIG 1b's soften up the enemy positions in the town west of the intersection as KG Krafft drives from the north and northeast.

About 90 minutes in, the southern intersection and town is secured just as a pair of H-35's are spotted moving towards the center from the southwest. The JPz 1's of the command group are dispatched to intercept with the PzIIIe platoon and 88mm guns supporting. Both enemy tanks are quickly destroyed and, leaving one light tank platoon along with the security element to mop up in the south, the remainder of the force turns its attention to the north just as the enemy launches an infantry counterattack with the northern infantry company and the remainder of the reserve company.

Supporting artillery fire wreaks havoc on the enemy counterattack as reinforcements from the south arrive to assist the north flank. Two hours into the battle finds the enemy broken in dissarray and the battle ends early after another half hour of mop-up operations. Friendly casualties were very light and only one tank, a PzIIc, was disabled.

Decisive victory for KG Krafft, 5th Panzer division rolls on towards the Meuse.

Game notes: this was a fast paced battle, the only real danger was enemy artillery but that threat was largely negated by speed and maneuver. Aerial recon won the day as just about every enemy unit was spotted well before it was in engagement range. Poor positioning of the AT and AA guns by the AI made them largely irrelevant to the battle.

Hope this rather short battle was worth the read, next to last turn file attached as zip.
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