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Default Re: DAR: GE Long campaign - small core

KG Krafft, 7 June, 1940

Game note: AI campaign points have been adjusted to 125% of normal.

Reorganization: During the short break between Fall Gelb and Fall Rot, KG Krafft recieved two PzIIIe-3.7cm panzers to replace the aging PzIIIb/d(s) command panzers.

Situation: KG Krafft takes the lead after 5th division breaks through French defenses north of Amiens near the Somme. The area of operations is a lightly wooded area of low hills with secondary eastwest and northsouth roads intersecting in the northeast.

Orders: KG Krafft will clear the way for the remainder of the division as 5th Panzer lunges forward in an attempt to cutoff the Amiens area from other French forces, completing the encirclement. As the division is on the move, only one battery of corp artillery is in position to cover the advance. A kraftrad platoon from division recon and a pair of 88mm FlaK36 guns are attached for the duration of the operation. Luftwaffe is providing aerial recon (a pair of Storch observation planes are in the area) and two Bf110D-2's are available for close support. [Meeting engagement, visibility 27, length 52, scattered victory hexes, 80x80 map]

Battle plan: Panzer platoons D, E, and F together with the kraftrad platoon and Luftwaffe support will conduct a reconnaissance in force across the entire front. The remainder of the force will be held in reserve until the nature and position of the enemy is determined. Corp artillery will be used in counter-battery fire operations only, local support will be restricted to the sIG 1b's with the Bf110D-2's held in reserve for strikes against enemy armor concentrations.

Execution: The first pass by a Luftwaffe observation plane spots enemy armor moving in the center. The observed enemy force consists of three scout cars, one H-35 tank, and five Char-B1 tanks. The enemy armor's north flank is screened by infantry in at least platoon strength. The JPz I's of platoon H are released from the reserve and ordered forward to support platoon F in the center while the remainder of the reserve moves closer to the northsouth road in preparation for rapid maneuver.

At twenty minutes into the operation, the center Char-B1 platoon appears to have halted its advance and a section of Char-B1 terr tanks are spotted moving along the eastwest road. The central enemy force appears to be comprised of an infantry company preceded by three scout cars and supported by two H-39 tanks. Platoons F and H maneuver to engage the central movement while the 88mm FlaK36's along with supporting recon section are released from the reserve and ordered north to support platoon D.

Aerial recon spots three additional Char-B1's operating in support of the central movement and enemy infantry in at least platoon strength are spotted and engaged by platoon D along the eastwest road. The scout cars of the central movement are engaged and destroyed by platoon F. As the picture emerges it seems the enemy force is comprised of an infantry battalion supported by a heavy tank company. One company of enemy infantry is moving along the eastwest road supported by a
platoon of Char-B1 terr tanks. Two infantry companies are moving in the center supported by two platoons of Char-B1 tanks and probably two sections of medium tanks (H-35's and H-39's).

The 88mm guns are positioned just east of the intersection overwatching down the road to engage any enemy armor movement on the road. sIG Ib fire is called just beyond the engagement range of platoon D and an airstrike is called on the adjoining area. In the south, platoon E and the kraftrad platoon move into flanking positions. Fire from the two 88mm guns destroy one Char-B1 terr in the north while accompanying infantry is pinned down by fire from platoon D. Two 75mm batteries fire upon areas in the south but the target areas are not near any friendly forces. A second Char-B1 terr is destroyed by 88mm gun fire while in the center, two H-39's are destroyed by JPz I fire. Enemy mortar fire lays smoke north of the east-west road.

Artillery fire begins raining down upon platoon D's position, two batteries are involved, one 75mm battery and a local 105mm battery. Platoon D and the supporting 88mm guns withdraw eastward. A counter-battery strike by the 10cm K-18 battery is called upon the local 105mm battery, while harrassing 150mm fire continues to impede enemy infantry along the eastwest road.

Action in the center heats up at the end of the first hour, JPz I's engage enemy armor, destroying one Char-B1 and damaging another without taking losses. The security platoon is released from the reserve and deploys in ambush positions just west of the northsouth road south of the intersection. Platoon G and the command panzers move to positions astride the northsouth road ready to support the center. The sIG-1b platoon is redeploying and is currently unavailable for fire missions. In the south, platoon E begins moving north to gain position for a flanking attack on enemy infantry once the forward armor elements in the center are dealt with.

As the enemy continues to advance in the center, enemy armor in the north turns to the southeast. JPz I fire claims another Char-B1 and damages an H-35. Airstrikes continue but inflict only minor damage at best. An H-35 advancing in the center is destroyed by a lucky shot from a PzIIc while in the north an infantry advance is repulsed by the security element. Oberstlt Krafft orders the security element and Platoon D to withdraw to new positions east of the northsouth road. Platoon F is ordered to cover the withdrawal of the JPz I platoon in preparation for redeployment to counter the threat of the Char-B1 terr tanks moving in from the north.

As the situation continues to develop in the center, the reserve is forced to move eastward to avoid becoming involved and platoon F is forced to retreat to the northsouth road in order to prevent coming under long range fire from the Char-B1 terr's moving down from the north. In the south the unopposed advance of six Char-B1's forces platoon E eastward to maintain any threat of a flanking maneuver against the infantry in the center. KG Krafft continues to fall back, trying to tempt enemy armor to come under the guns of the 88mm positioned on heights in the northeast. All positions west of the northsouth road have been abandoned. The lead Char-B1 terr falls prey to close assaults by the security element after numerous shells from 37mm, 47mm, and 88mm guns failed. Platoon F is forced to fall back as it comes under heavy fire from enemy infantry. The reserve platoon and command elements are committed to support of the security element while platoon D maneuvers north to prevent enemy infantry from approaching the 88mm gun positions.

Although one Char-B1 terr crew bails under combined fire and close assault, the threat of two additional Char-B1 terr's backed by two companies of infantry combined with seven more Char-B1's that had nearly reached the northsouth road forces KG Krafft to withdraw further east and north. Finally the remaining two Char-B1 terr's stumble into 88mm gun range and are both destroyed. Without armor support in the north, the enemy infantry in that area is quickly pushed back while AT units are positioned to engage the southern heavy tanks. The 10cm K-18 battery knocks at least one of the enemy 75mm batteries out of action and the local 105mm battery has remained silent for quite some time since the suspected area was bombarded.

As KG Krafft regains ground, two Char-B1's are destroyed by JPz I fire and the XO's panzer engages and kills an observation team. Despite the success of platoon D and supporting security elements, they had come under mortar fire and become separated from the main body on the northern flank. The descision was made to recall them and use them to form a new reserve force. Platoons E and F caught the enemy infantry's central thrust in a crossfire and sIG-1b's poured 150mm fire into the cauldron, blunting and finally halting the enemy advance. In the south, platoon G, H, and the command elements knocked out two more Char-B1's with the help of the 88mm guns and also put the enemy infantry in that area to rout. All is not roses however as three more Char-B1 terr's are spotted moving westward.

The presence of the advancing Char-B1 terr's force KG Krafft to once again withdraw eastward hoping to draw the heavy tanks of the enemy under 88mm guns flanked by JPz I's. As luck would have it, just as the heavy tanks advance towards the 88mm guns, two 75mm artillery batteries fall upon the guns causing them to be abandoned by their crews. Almost three hours into the battle, a heroic charge by platoons G and H with supporting fire from platoon E and the sIG Ib's in direct fire mode killed one of the remaining Char-B1 terr's and allowed Oberstlt Krafft to close with the last one, delivering a 3.7cm sabot round at point blank range destroying the last Char-B1 terr. Unfortunately two of platoon G's PzIIIe panzers were lost with all hands during the fight. The only known enemy armor remaining are two immobilized tanks, one H-35 and one Char-B1.

Freed of the dangers of enemy tank fire, KG Krafft quickly routs the remaining infantry and begins driving westward on a broad front, mopping up remaining enemy units. During mopup operations, one PzIb was lost to enemy fire and one PzIIIe was heavily damaged.

Decisive victory, KG Krafft. Next stop, the Balkans.

Last turn file attached.
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