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Default Re: Divisional Artillery support on LZ X-ray

Do a combo.

1. Do the mini-campaign, maybe have it as a totaly seperate chapter? Which was what I was thinking.

If that's the case you have to ask your self a Question. Do you want to do the whole battlion in each senario, say 50 turns each (About 5 hours) that way you wouldn't need to worry about ammo resupply as such (About 5 Senario's).

Or do you want to do it by focusing each of the companies (About 15 senario's!)?

Personly I'd go with the whole battlion. On each of the units work out a way of decreaseing the amount of men as caslties start being applied. we could even with careful work, work out which units lost whom, and apply them. It would also alow greater control over support assests.

2. Release the Big Battle to the public, as a hint of what we're working on here, and start getting them intrested. Sort of Baiting the water's.

The other Question is, are we going to include LZ Albany?
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