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I also used instant retreat on a near-constant basis; it just makes sense, a lot of the time.

The Tan Ru, for instance; are those four ships on the radar Demolishers, or something better? If you guess wrong, you're in serious trouble. Instant retreat will save you, but if you have to retreat more conventionally (by going to the edge of the map), your game's probably over.

There's just a ton of cases where instant retreat will bail you out of a situation that, logically, would mean certain death. At the least, this would make you think twice before hitting the "Engage" button.

The question, then, is whether or not that's a good thing. People like to avoid battles that can tear up their fleet as it is, so if this was to happen, I imagine that they might just avoid battles altogether, instead of taking more risks (which would be the preferred outcome).

Thanks for your response, by the way; I was kinda disappointed, when I kept coming back here and nobody else had said anything.