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Default Re: greater variety of neutral province troops?

Have you looked at the SemiRand program? Or play the Faerun map.

That was an old complaint. Also some people didnt like the randominity of fighting mages to get a province that didnt have a mage magic site. So we had players design a province. They could decide the type of location such as lake or mountain or volcano. They could name the province, choose the guardians, name the guardians, give them equipment, set the magic sites that were there, the wealth, the recruitables, etc.

Such as:
City of Guilds

Commanders: One assassin with two serpent kryss, robe of the shadows, cat charm, pendant of luck; two sages with spell foci, starshine skullcaps; one navigator with bottle of living water; one alchemist with elixir of life, stone sphere, earth boots.

Troops: 50 Light Infantry (nbr 29), 25 archers (nbr 33), 25 heavy infantry (nbr 40).

Magic Sites: Sages Guild, Assassins Guild, Alchemist's Guild, Navigator's Guild.

some other ideas were...
Innsmouth with cultists and fishmen.
Shaolin with disciples and monks.
Village defended by seven samurai.
Cimmeria, land of barbarians, with Conan as one of them.
Kirke's island from Odyssey, sorceress and a horde of beasts and foulspawn.
Holy sanctuary with clerics, flagellants and paladins.
Transylvania with a vampire count leading an army of infartry, peasants, villans and wolves.
--Highlands with banshee's and barbarian swordsmen.

For underwater:
Land of the drowned - full of undead.
Sunken city - mechanical men, golems and other animates.
Lair of the kraken - pretender-sized octopus with items
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