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Default Re: "Enjoy the War."

Absolutely, its much better to throw the fight than to wreck your core forces. Not that you shouldn't try for the objectives, but if it means sacrificing your core veterans its just going to make things needlessly hard in the future. Of course, sometimes you can't avoid it...and I am even toying with deleting the third tank platoon out of my companies to represent operational and strategic losses. Its all a long way off though, so for now I'll stick with my TOE.

You're right about human vs human matches being more popular. The A.I puts up a good fight but after so many years we both know how to beat it, even against all odds. But I've always liked going at my own pace and doing things my own way, so I tend to edit my OOB a lot with MOBHACK. Most opponents wouldn't be too keen on that, so I'll stick with singleplayer for now.
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