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Default Re: Printable Scenario Report or Unit List

Hi Laurent,

I see you've already discovered the thread with the introduction to my War Cabinet tool!

To answer your question, yes, with the latest warcab beta it is already possible to generate
different types of reports for winSPWW2 games as text files.

First you'll need the latest warcab beta. If you send me a PM with your email address I'll use
WeTransfer to send the installation file to you.

Once you have warcab installed, you can use the spwreport.exe tool to generate the reports.
This tool is available in the warcab installation folder, next to the warcab.exe and other files...

For your usecase I think you are probably most interested in the 'table' format report.

Two versions of this report are generated: one containing only your core formations/units called
..._core_table.txt, and one containing info on all the formations/units (also of the opponent)
called ..._full_table.txt).

Examples of such report files have been attached to this post.

Your basic usage would be:
spwreport savereport WINSPWW2 'OOB' 'DIR' 'INDEX' report table

You'll need to replace the 'OOB', 'DIR' and 'INDEX' parts on the command line as follows:
  • 'OOB' -> the path to the directory containing the winSPWW2 OOB data files
  • 'DIR' -> the path to the directory containing the winSPWW2 savegame files
  • 'INDEX' -> the index number of the savegame you want to create a report for

Hope that helps,
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