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The way my brain works the best part about the game is the forum help one gets form the WinSPWW2 Forums. The manual is great and the total Depth of the game makes it; however, I still get stuck with stuff because of how I process info. For example, the noob Organized Chaos Scenario I got hammered in - I was great at one thing moving my units and getting shot at... Then I applied the games "Realism" as I will call it... I moved not through the woods cause it takes to long only have 12 turns. I moved 1 hex at a time with my Inf so they can shoot back effectively if shot at AND not attract fire just like the game notes say in the manual.
Then by this time I had learned how THROUGH the Forums cause I'm so dense how mortars\arty works rather than going on theory in the first time I played it and got hammered. So my overall plan was to lay down smoke in front of the trenches which means it will not be real accuratte AND will not happen until 2.2 turn. But this fit ... So the smoke came down on ok spots I moved up behind it drew some fire and 2 or 3 units got pinned but didn't retreat !!! AND I put the machine guns up where they could engage at long range. THEN had the AO since I knew more what I was doing at this time put down mortar fire via the pre Targeting hex which speeds it up. Noticed the hill\ change in terrain height in front of trenches moved infantry up to it as I exchanged fire with the enemy as I moved forward. USED my Scouts as Scouts not combat INF .. per the manual. Engaged enemy efficiently so that as many as I could became Pinned Routed before cressing the hill in front of them instead of just blazing away at 1 or two of the units - per the Manual !!! This really helped ..
When I had to really expose myself two or three of the bad guys units were routed so they would not fire on me as I moved up. The smoke kept me from using my machine guns for 2 turns But knowing too how and when and how much to Rally my troops again per the Manual made everything work fine.One snafu was when one side on my attack got hit by my own mortar fire and then got pinned so on turn 9 or 10 one side of my force was to pinned to move oooops - this wasn't the manuals fault lol I friendly fired my troops after the battle they put a grenade in my jeep. But I moved up the other side kept the pressure on and moved the other guys up the next turn and by turn 12 not 11 but 12 I got every single flag and the bad guys were bugging out. When the battle was over I checked the map and saw ... well I won't say in case a person hasn't played it ... I saw where a problem was I had when I moved up my troops over there and why they had a problem. But anyway knowing what I was doing or at least knowing a lot better because of the forums and help on here makes it a totally 100% rated game for me. It so much more realistic and tactics pay off when ya know which buttons to click on to do the tactics and what is what and who is who. Makes me want to buy the CD Version now ....
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