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Why I will no longer be playing SPWW2....
You would think a yearly upgrade would be a good thing. It's not. The designers are just making the game worse and worse!!!!!!!!!! And not addressing any real issues. This is not a game for "hardcore gamers". The Long Campaign is a joke. It is more bug-ridden after every upgrade.
The last straw for me was when I was in an attack mission and the AI disable my use of my art. and used my own art. to attack ME!!!!!!!!!!! I know this because I am a "hardcore gamer". I was playing as the Germans against the English in 1940 France and I was bombarded with German art.!!!!!!!!!!
The only "improvement" the designers made to the Long Campaign in the last 10 years is the art. over-load rule. This is a very sloppy "fix"... and does not address the real issues in the Long Campaign.
The most glaring unrealistic element of the Long Campaign is that there is no unit scarcity rule. The German player can have unlimited tank destroyers, for example, of which only 2 were ever produced and only 1 was ever used in battle! When I complained years ago that the River-crossing missions are unplayable, I was told just don't play them, now they are no long part of the Long campaign. Apparently that is the way the designers solve problems...
This is not a game for "hardcore gamers" because if it was I would not be the only one aware of all the glaring problems with this game.
I could go on for hours with the all bugs, and poor programing, that have never been addressed. For just one example: German 88mm FLAK cannot fire at aircraft....
I will not be looking forward to next years "upgrade".
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