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Exclamation Re: Odd Problem in V10

Originally Posted by Warnevada View Post
To be precise, there was no tank movement in the PBEM game. The infantry sounds were very low at a 50% volume setting. When I increased the volume then the combat sounds were very loud.

The tank sounds were in an AI campaign started under v9. I don't know if that has a bearing or not. The tanks involved are Nationalist Chinese TYPE 97B Te-Ke and VCL M1931/T-37. Their movements are completely silent.
I tested both of those tanks you mentioned along with a T-26a. Game sound volume set to '2' which is the middle of the sound bar and my computer sound bar set to 50%

The HQ ( foot ) sound IS muted compare to before but that's the way I set it be subtle in the background not square bashing marching. IF you prefer the old sound it's in your sound folder named 36-original.wav. Just rename the new 36.wav to x36.wav and remove '-original' from the old one and you'll get the old marching sound

All tanks, the TYPE 97B Te-Ke the VCL M1931/T-37 ( light tank version ) and the T-26a played the stock tank track sound FX in my test game which is a fresh version of the latest game. So MAYBE it has to do with it being created in V9 but it seems unlikely , If this was widespread I think we would have heard about it by now

If you start a fresh test game and run those tanks and you hear the tank sounds then it's probably a corrupted save game. If you still don't hear any sound you might want to check your games sounds folder. Typically it should report 175 items and if you have less than that then somehow files have been deleted. The one you are not hearing is 31.wav
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