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Lightbulb Modder's Toolkit?

For me and, I am sure, many others two of the things that make this game so great are the unceasing efforts of the developers to improve and add to the game and the ability to change so much ourselves.
Occasionally these can work against each other... This is a kind of "Tweaker's wishlist" or "Modder's toolkit" if you will.

I would like to
a). propose some changes/additions to the game to help modders and players "tweak" their game experience
b). ask for a couple of considerations when the developers are updating the game to accommodate those of us that play with "non-vanilla" versions.

Game changes:
(I have no idea how possible some of these are and am happy to accept that they may be unfeasible with the current game engine - but hey its a wish list!)

a1 - Ability to manually set the "base" xp/morale for an OoB. My understanding is that this is currently hard coded for each OoB for each year.
would it be possible to allow us to change/enter this information for the OoB OR for a battle? either by entering a actual value or global modifier?
Alternatively would it be possible for the formation experience and morale modifiers to have an increased range? (ie greater than +/- 25?)

a2 - The ability to set which "infantry colour" the OoB uses (again currently hard coded?)

a3 - allow "air" units in the core units of a campaign?
The argument that it doesn't happen in reality could be applied to helos (which can be included) and I think there are cases where it DOES happen in reality
(eg all elements from an amphibious warfare vessel going through a campaign together)

Quality of life considerations
(I understand this isn't possible indefinitely but I believe there is still a certain amount of "wiggle room".)

b1 - An undertaking that the game will not utilise certain .shp files.
eg. that one of each of a turreted, non-turreted and invisible turreted file be set aside for no official new icons.
In order that modders don't have to recreate new .shp files and renumber icons every time a new version is released.
(Perhaps Icon0180.shp, Icon0184.shp, and Icon0189.shp for instance?)

b2 - An undertaking to leave a "block of slots" available for pictures.
ie a range, say between 10100 and 10999 where no new .lbms will be added till other slots used?

I would welcome other peoples thoughts and ideas... What's on your wish list?

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