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Default Re: thermal imaging...

What Suhiir said is what I do as well. TI gives you a range advantage, so you want to negate that. Other tricks:

1) Start shooting the moment you see the enemy tanks. After they pop smoke, go into defile, retreat etc. The catch here is that you can make them expend all their smoke then, so they will be much easier to deal with when their smoke's out.

2) Try to predict their route of advance and make a killing ground with multiple tanks/ATGMs. Your assets should be at least on both flanks of the enemy advance, and preferably to the front as well. If you do that, you will always have at least one hull/turret flank shot, in which case the enemy tank's dead.

3) Buy DPICM artillery and the moment their advance is halted by something (infantry is the best in that) bring the steel rain of death upon them. M60's are particularly vulnerable to this.

4) Make them focus on your infantry (by having the latter fire at the enemy tanks) and then bring a tank and whack when they are out of shots for the turn.

These/a combination of these help me defeat TI equipped enemies on a regular basis. The fact that tanks with TI are WAY more expensive also helps.
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