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Q: How and where do I report bugs?
See the Bug Shortlist thread for detailed instructions. Make sure you check that the issue you have is not already on the shortlist and then post it in the Bug Discussion thread.

Q: Should I post a separate thread to make sure my bug report gets noticed?
If the issue is a complex one, it may merit its own discussion thread which will be linked from the shortlist once the entry is added, as mentioned in the instructions. Otherwise you should use the bug discussion thread. Don't worry, your report WILL be noticed.



Q: Is there a list of unit stats?
Yes. See the Dom3 DB.

Q: What is the Dom3 DB?
The Dom3 DB is a spreadsheet file that contains the stats for all units, weapons, armor, magic sites, poptypes and forts in the game. It was made by Edi and originally appeared only in Open Office format (.ods). The latest version also contains a static version (without formulas, just numeric data) in both Open Office in Excel format. You can find a discussion thread for the latest version here. Older discussion threads are buried somewhere in the forum.

Q: Where can I find the Dom3 DB?
There is a download link in the discussion thread. The Dom3 DB will not be available through other public channels.

Q: The unit stats are great and all, but are the graphics available for modding purposes?
Yes. EricM has kindly organized the sprites and provided them for the community.
Unit sprites v3.10.
Unit sprites for new units in v3.14, not including the v3.10 sprites.
Unit sprites v3.17.
Burnsaber's Sprite Editing Tutorial contains v3.21 sprites, which is the most recent available batch.

Q: I'm hopeless with making graphics. Is there a tutorial for editing sprites?
A: Why yes, there is! Burnsaber's excellent Sprite Editing Tutorial will help you get off to a flying start. You can also find the sprites for all units in v3.21 in that thread in an attached zip file.

Q: Are there guides for modding and making maps? It's not in the manual...
Yes. They are located in the doc directory inside your Dominions3 installation directory. The documents are named modding.pdf for modding instructions and mapedit.pdf for instructions on how to make new maps.

Q: Is there an improved modding manual? The official one is kind of confusing and hard to use...
Yes. The Unofficial Reorganized Modding Manual v3.17 contains all the information in the official modding manual, but it has been reorganized categorically to make modding easier, especially for beginners. The mod commands have been organized categorically instead of alphabetically, meaning that commands that give similar abilities or do similar things have been grouped together for easy access. There have been minor edits in some places and a few references to seek more detailed lists in fan-made documentation. You will find the most complete lists of things in the Dom3 DB.

This FAQ question is no longer relevant, since in patch 3.20 the Dominions 3 modding and mapmaking manuals were updated to a new version that used the UORMM format as a base. A new unofficial mod manual with the old alphabetical organization for advanced monster modding may be posted later for those who wish to use it.

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