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Default Re: War-related phrases ingame

Originally Posted by anlubue View Post
My son is a lousy dumbass. He stubbornly refuses to read the Game Guide. I think it could be due to the fact, that it is written in english. Of course he does not want to admit that, his mother is to blame. Maybe because most children read a book only when it is shown on TV. In any case, he has often seen me play SPWW2 and has asked me about it lately. I would be so glad if he and I, from time to time, could play together. So i started to translate the Game Guide.

After the first pages, i wished Adolf had won the war and everyone at Shrapnel Games would now speak German since a long time.

I have the greatest difficulties with translating words that describe these warcraft related things of which I have no idea:
Oob -> Order of Battle -> ?

Things that make a world-warring Hermann smile, are going to drive me crazy. I purely don't understand the half of it. And that will cost a miserably large amount of time. Time I do not have, because of my inadequacy i can't do more than maybe 2 pages per day. Although i can write very, very quickly, since i can not really work on it every day (and by my lack of education in the art of war), it would need years.

Maybe someone German has a list of words I can use?

Bombardment screen -> Bombardierungs Fenster <-This does not look really good for me.

My Favorite today: Cross-decking, Naval parlance <- welcome to my world, now you get a clue!

if I were translating that section I would skip the cross decking remark as it only has off hand relevance..... it means load the passenger units you choose into the barges etc you want them into....I would guess that 90% of english speakers wouldn't understand " cross decking " either so don't feel bad about not understanding

machine translation

Merken Sie, dass Sie Lastkähne und amphibischeTransporte in das Wasser in derEntwicklungsphase eines Angriff mit Amphibienfahrzeugs-Auftrags jetzt entladenkönnen. Dieses erlaubt Ihnen, Ihre Truppen in dasgewünschte Fördermaschinenvorspiel zu bewegen, wenn Sie es vorziehen, dies zu tun

Bombardment screen ->Bombardierungsschirm ( ?? )machine translation

Bestellung des Kampfes = Order of Battle ( again a machine translation YOU tell ME how good it is

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