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Default Re: War-related phrases ingame

Bestellung des Kampfes = Order of Battle ( again a machine translation YOU tell ME how good it is
I am grinning like a Cheshire cat. It's like the cakes of my mother-in-law. There's everything inside, but than you wished you had never tasted. It also reminds me of my Neighbours Daughter. (She's 12 and wants to look older), therefore she takes Makeup. Now she looks like a Drag-Queen!

Ja Dude, i need a plan how I reach my goal. Coiling and stumbling over words would not be helpful at all. I feel bad. Thus a Frenchman must have felt when he heard the first German howitzers. (Or my father-in-law when his wife calls: "Food is ready!")

I'm not willing to throw in the towel, just have to give afford. Thanks for the Systransoft idea (It was to be seen when i wanted to insert a quote), by now i'm looking at their Website.
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