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Default Re: KingMaker - let the Ascension War commence!

I have hit a bug serious enough that I am actually posting on this forum. While the first turn I performed with LA Arco went through fine and dandy with all of my orders and messages going out, the last two turns did not. Instead I got a message of:

"CD Key Violation"

with the message body of:

"Your CD key has been used on multiple installations. Your orders have not been executed."

While sort of technically true (in that I transferred Dominions completely from my desktop to my laptop when I retired my desk top two years back), that's not even relevant and shouldn't have been detected by the game. And if I happened to have the same key as another player by whatever chance, it would have flipped on the first turn, not the second.

Meaning that either the game has completely broken or someone hacked my position between me taking my first turn and me taking my second turn.

I'll turn over the position to whoever wants it, but I can make no guarantees that you will be allowed to take turns.

Needless to say, I do not check this forum on any regular basis, if you wish to contact me, do so by email.

ftrollman (at)

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