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Default Re: Absolute lowest item costs?

Originally posted by mivayan:
I got curious about this so I did a little test. I checked the cost of forging mage bane (40 earth gems) with forge of the ancients active.

Using a mage without forge bonus: 20 gems. (1/2 price)
Ulm black priest (forge bonus 25): 15 gems (3/8 price)
Black priest + dwarven hammer (bonus 50): 10 gems (1/4 price)
Black priest + hammer of the forge lord (bonus 75): 5 (1/8 price)

Forge bonuses seems to be additive, forge of the ancients halves the cost after forge bonuses. You would pay 10 gems for a ring of wizardry.
Yeah, I've got a Ulm game going on the World map, with a strong emphasis on forging cool stuff (about 50 Clams and Fever Fetishes, only stopped making them because I don't have enough bearers...)

I get nice Robes of Invulnerability for 10 gems, but since I don't have a Master Smith empowered in Astral, I still have to pay 20 gems for my Rings of Wizardry
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