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Exclamation Re: "Rusty Nickel" at the Gateway of Tears

I'm good with the boat. And, just maybe the Rusty Nickel should be played from the side of the Somali pirates. So, if anyone is crazy enough to attack an Expeditionary Strike Group with her compliment of cruisers and destroyers, I could only say a winspmbt player or a Somali pirate as two prime suspects.

George 'Kingfish' Stevens: What's goin' on here?
Sapphire Stevens: If it's anything to you, I'm cleaning the house. What do you think I'm doin' with this broom?
George 'Kingfish' Stevens: Well, from that outfit and the looks of you, I thought you were gonna ride the thing.

------ Amos & Andy show circa early 1950's ---------------
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