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Default Evil Clowns - Multi Era/Random [Evilhomer wins as LA Abysia]

Evil Clowns: Reasonable pacing. open to everyone with at least some MP experience. Random Nations.

Map: Realm of Roaring Rhinos
Age: Multi Era
Players: Depends on interest, but hoping for 12-18.
Mods: Single Age Mod, CBM 1.94, Streamers & Standards
Hosting: Llama Server starting at 28H and then adjusting depending on the needs of the other players.
Settings: Default, but with Charts Off, Renaming On, and Hall of Fame 15
Victory Conditions: To the bitter end or until a consensus is reached by ALL players.
Diplomacy: Everything goes, but trades are binding.
Exploits: The usual, e.g., Copying Bogus's Orders, overfilling labs, etc.
Rules: Please don't go AI without discussing it first.

All nations will be assigned randomly with a choice of a single re-roll. If we end up with too many water nations (based on the map), we'll make suitable adjustments. Please post if you're interested.

-Revenant2(EA Fomoria)
-Ghoul31(MA Ashod)
-Mattyburn7(LA Bogarus)
-Starcryst(LA Ermor)
-Evilhomer(LA Abysia)
-TheHeatMiser(LA Pythium)
-Jolly Roger(MA Jotunheim)
-sansanjuan(MA Machaka)
-ossa(EA Niefelheim)
-Lumix19(MA C'tis)

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