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Default Re: Bug thread

[img]/threads/images/Graemlins/Bug.gif[/img] Riderless Hunter Spiders(888) can't spit web. Their description claims they can, and the second form of Black Sorcerers (899) can. The weapon 899 has is Web (261).

The big spiders have Strength of only 10 or 11. Their weapons aren't affected by strength (18 no-str, death poison, web Spider Fangs for the Hunter Spiders), but higher strength would help them get free from Entangle and similar effects. Thus, I suggest that Great Spider (884, 898, 947) and Hunter Spider (888, 899) get some more strength. 898 and 899 are secondary forms of Sorceress and Black Sorcerer, 884 and 888 riderless mounts, 947 is shapechange form of Ainra the Lady of Spiders.

Hunter spiders don't throw webs. They hunt prey. THats why they are hunter spiders . The sorceror doesn't care for such conventions and spits webs. The strength reflects the riders strength. The rider might still be entangled in webs after the spider is free.
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