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Default Re: SP and SPAA Developments

Originally Posted by FASTBOAT TOUGH View Post
Well M109A6 PIM anyone? Though the Army is already considering replacement number three it looks like the PALADIN will be around until 2050! A hundred years (Though updated many times.) on one platform amazing!
Last I heard about it, B-52s were supposed to serve until 2040, at which point they would be 80 years old (the last left the assembly line in the early 60's). Probably the Abrams will last until that timeframe too.
Several tens of billions were wasted chasing the FCS pipe dream. That kind of money to throw around won't be available for a long time given the economic outlook.
Given how insanely expensive procuring new hardware has become it is likely that the current AFVs will soldier on for a very long time indeed.
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