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Default Re: Guide to MA C'tis

Thanks, nice guide!

I summoned a bunch of Lamia Queens in Fallacy, and got no blood. Bah! What a waste of gems. I got much more blood from tartarians ... but that was before the shattered soul.

Another pretender option I like for C'tis is a Death-Earth PoD or Saurolich. They're really powerful in the early game, they can forge hammers for you, and they can do your tartarian summoning.

Once you get Life After Death, you can start hiring indy mages and turn them into zombies with Foul Vapors.

If you haven't clammed all your gems away, both Hidden in Snow and Sea Kings Court will get you some nice diversity in your armies. It's more for the actual troops than the mages.

I like take order-3 with MA C'tis because it works together with your dominion bonus. And growth, because it all adds up together for massive income, so you can build more castles buy more Marshmasters.

And then the bastages cast Wolven Winter and ya fatigue out and freeze to death! Arggh. Any tips on what to do to counter Wolven Winter?
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