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Post Shrapnel Games Kicks The Holiday Season Off Early!
Press Release Teaser: Special Holiday Savings On All Available Titles!   

News Release: For Immediate Release

Shrapnel Games Kicks The Holiday Season Off Early!
Special Holiday Savings On All Available Titles!

Hampstead, NC, 25 November 2008

Traditionally retailers around the country kick off their massive holiday sales the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday. Since Shrapnel Games is not a traditional retailer though we're doing things different. Why wait until the day after Thanksgiving? Why not start it before Thanksgiving? Which is exactly why the Shrapnel Games holiday sale begins on Tuesday, November 25th this year.

The Ho! Ho! Ho! sale (not to be confused with a sale on Ho-hos or...never mind, let's not go for the obvious joke) runs from November 25th until December 10th at the Shrapnel Games online store, the Gamers Front. Every currently released title is on sale at greatly reduced prices, such as...

Save $4.00 on the following titles:

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space. The award-winning game of galactic destiny, conquest, love, and redemption in twenty minutes or less. Experience the majesty of the purple void, the shininess of a Zorg scalp, and the dangers of black holes. Not to mention the importance of toy robots.

winSPMBT Enhanced CD Edition. Classic tactical turn based hex wargaming in the post-WW2 world. Hundreds of scenarios and endless tactics provide players with a game of infinite possibilities, only matched by its companion title, winSPWW2.

winSPWW2 Enhanced CD Edition. More tactical goodness but set in everyone's favorite European war, the Second World War. So much gaming crammed on one CD you'll wonder how it all fits.

Take $5.00 off:

Air Assault Task Force. Modern day airmobile operations showcasing their evolution from Vietnam to Afghanistan. Command time simulation that brings the modern battlefield to your PC in a way that is usually reserved only for the professionals. Part of the ProSIM line.

BCT Commander. Another ProSIM title. Combined arms warfare at a brigade/regimental level around the world using ProSIM's trademark command time gameplay. PC Gamer scored it 88%, Gamespot called it "outstanding", and Computer Games Magazine awarded it 4 out of 5 stars. Experience what the critics love today!

The Star and the Crescent. Yet another great modern warfare title in the ProSIM line of command time games. Arab-Israeli conflicts, both historical and hypothetical. Perfect for the armor enthusiast on your list!

Save $6.00 on:

Air Command 3.0. Here's something you won't be seeing at your local Gamestop anytime soon, a game about air traffic control. Definitely a different take on what strategy games can offer, Air Command 3.0 offers tense, exciting gameplay in a world that isn't fantasy, WW2, or the ACW.

Dominions 3: The Awakening. One of THE most talked about fantasy turn-based strategy titles ever released, praised by critics and fans alike. This massive strategy title is perfect for multi-player gaming, providing up to twenty-one players a gaming experience unmatched by most commercial games.

Salvo! In the world of computer wargames there is a hierarchy of popular subject matter and unfortunately for many gamers naval warfare is low down the list. Salvo! rectifies this by giving gamers a chance to fight some of the most exciting clashes during the Age of Fighting Sail, or create your own with the easy to use editors. From single ship duels to entire fleet actions, Salvo! has plenty to offer the virtual admiral.

Finally, save a whopping $7.00 on the following:

ATF: Armored Task Force. Another ProSIM title focusing on modern combined arms warfare. Command platoons to individual vehicles, with a friendly AI taking up command where needed. Detailed real world maps and extensively modeled weapon platforms brings the digital battlefield to life on your monitor like few commercial pieces of software can.

The Falklands War: 1982. Tackling a subject that has rarely been gamed, the Falklands War: 1982 is to infantry combat what ATF is to armored combat. Modeling combat down to bayonet charges, this entry in the ProSIM line features everything you've come to expect from ProSIM: tense, exciting scenarios using real world maps and equipment that raises the bar on what a computer wargame can be.

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War. The next potential war in Korea as seen through ProSIM's command time line of modern war simulations. Uses the ATF: Armored Task Force engine and featuring an exciting mixture of scenarios providing players with numerous challenges, Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War is a game that will excite both the "What If?" crowd and those just looking for the very best in realistic warfare on their PC.

Remote Assault. Who says indie gaming can't do real-time strategy? Remote Assault is a tactical RTS set in the near future that boasts three-dimensional terrain (that actually plays an important part in your strategy), realistic combat modeling such as wind resistance when computing ballistic trajectories, a killer AI, and actual, intelligent pathfinding. Even most of the big boy RTS games can't boast that last feature!

Space HoRSE. Inspired by the all-time classic, M.U.L.E., Space HoRSE is a non-violent game of space economics playable with up to four players at one computer. Easy to pick up gameplay and fast action makes this a great party game, or perfect for the lunch break. Random events and unique strategies makes every game new and exciting.

Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa. Part single-player dungeoncrawl, part dungeon creation kit, Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa is a lot of gaming for a little money. The game can be played straightforward as an action RPG as players take on the role of Rapius, as he descends further and further into the monster filled dungeon created new with each play, or players can create their own adventures. Using basic Windows applications the entire game can be modded and shared with the world.

In addition to the savings found for the individual titles if your order subtotal is $49.00 or more you will receive an additional discount of 2% off your total order! And if your order subtotal is $99.00 or more you will receive a discount of 5% off your order total!

Take advantage of the Ho! Ho! Ho! sale going on right now by heading over to the Gamers Front:

Remember, the sale ends on December 10th! Order early to ensure timely delivery before the Christmas package rush!

For more information on any of the featured titles and to download demos please visit us at, the home of independent award-winning strategy titles since 1999.

For press related information please contact Scott R. Krol by using the following form:

To visit our company blog go to:

For all other information, please contact:

Timothy W. Brooks
Shrapnel Games, Inc.
8254-109 Market Street
Box 190
Wilmington, NC 28411
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