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Default Happy New user

I recently purchased aatf online and downloaded from the link all good ... no problems with a nice quick download (playing the game in less than an hour after starting online purchse)

So far I am very impressed with your product, I have been working in Australian Army administrating various computer based command and control systems since an early system that used to be known as Austacs. It brings back memeories of late nights and early mornings in the cp helping old school commanders come to grips with the LOS tool .

Thank goodness I dont have to work my *** off to help keep this system stable though...

I have just finished converting some Australian DEM's to XDM and importing into the Power tools. The results so far have been awesome (so long as they are good dems).

I have found that 3DEM is the best way for me to get the conversions done, used in conjunction with DEMCON...

I am converting SRTM 3 from HGT to ASCIIDEM with 3DEM but have found that I have to use DEMCON to convert them again to get them to import correctly into power tools... The latest version of 3DEM also patches missing data

While converting with 3DEM you can also export to Terragen which if you can use (terragen)as a 3d terrain browser whilst doing map recce for deployment of resources.

I have also found the save image in 3DEM useful for creating colour overlays though cropping is quite tedious.

Just about to start on Aussie ORBATs and modding so I can make up some realistic scenarios to go with the North Australian terrain

Looking forward to receiving your disc in the mail
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