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Arrow The Beta Quadrant Mod for Starfury Is Out

The mod features gameplay similiar to the original Starfury campaigns with many improvements such as weapon rebalance, better jobs, etc.

Some main mod features:
- Completely new, mostly randomly generated universe - 122 available star systems
- Better jobs - wider choice of mercenary jobs, each empire offers to hunt down criminals of the same race + more credits for bigger ships & fleets
- Completely new rebalanced weapons, each has its own sound, comp pic and firing effect that wasn't in stock SF campaigns (I mostly used audio and image editors to change SEV sounds and firing effects and some SEIV comp pics)
- Mercenaries for hire!
- Choose from 3 different UIs
- A lot of new BMP effects, portraits, landscapes, nebulae and more!

Mediafire Download Link: (33 MB)
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