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Default Re: EA Ulm advice wanted

Endoperez said:
Meglobob said:
Pray, pray very hard you do not start next to Kailasa.

There's been a recent 'fun' tactic of trample Ulm to death with massed elephants before turn 15, going on.

Ulm does'nt stand a chance against this tactic, because his largest unit is size 3 and elephants are size 6. Also 120 crossbows/archers all set to target large monsters does not work either...
Bonds of Fire (morale-dependent, so it should REALLY slow those elephants down!).

However, I still haven't been able to use tramplers to as good effect as (seemingly) everyone else, so I might undervalue elephants.
Saw MA Ulm use Bonds of Fire, he had 6-12 dwarven smiths (this was his final stand vs Bander Log in his capital fortress), while they did effect the elephants, they only seemed to slow them 1 or 2 rounds, so not really effective.

Others may be useful, not seen them used or tried them to stop a elephant stampede.

The tactic seems to be to amass 10-20+ elephants in one large mass, mix in some higher morale apes/other units. Very simple, more deadly than a multi-blessed nation to any nation with size 3 or smaller units.

Also its usually backed up with 20 - 40+ longbows just for added pain.
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