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Default Re: Seriously Bo- gus, dudes

I intend to hide them in the middle of the stack, bring more of them than they can target on defense (about 6-8 should get the job done to pick up at least one... unless they all target the same one w/ MR of "too high"!)
This isn't much of a priority as it was the first time, as it's a dead-end province (almost) unlike the half-bottleneck they were on the first time.
Game situation as of today: Turn 60, researched to Level 8 in just about everything, two Ether Lords at key bottlenecks set to spam Nether Darts, one of these itemboosted to S7. Of the original nine nations, two are gone (Mictlan and TC), another throttled by me (Vanheim, but I'm waiting to dominionkill them), next on the plate are Pythium/ Machaka (dom about 3% of ours), Ulm and Pangaea will be more of a challenge...
Update: About 7 turns later I dropped Bogus with the SC-hunter's best weapon, the Ethereal Crossbow. Three turns later, back just one province from my capital... guess! Yup, Bogus and Co. one more time!
Find someone I can push to F4E3, construct the Crown of Overmight (which autocasts Charm), stick it on the new Strategos, come in with two other Strategoi (including one with an Eth. XB from the last time as insurance)... sequence:
Rd1 Fadmarghast (the flying one) jumps into my backfield, gets targeted by the Crown. Misses. Targeted by an EXB. HIT. Rest of the gang routs... just like the other two times...
Cav catches up to Bogus, hits him, berserks him. Side note: Shortly after the first Bogus incident I fired off the Gift of Health and Haunted Forest globals. HF is sooooo sweeeeet. No particular help in this operation though. (But ya shoulda seen when Pan showed up with 300 troops only to run into one of my now four Ether Lords... only about 50 Pangaeans survived the blast) But now I have to be careful with my Jade Sorcs, gotta remember who's got the globals on their portfolio!
Strategos with C of O-M moves up, moves up, clear shot please, Crown pops off Charm, HIT and through! I now have my very own Bogus!
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