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Default Re: EA Agartha - the game's red-headed stepchild (CBM)

Agartha absolutely should NOT need an awake pretender.

You've got blessed giants. An awe/Fear SC rush doesn't look an attractive option for the attacker: it'll be facing giants with good initial morale (12?), blessed +2, you should be fighting in your Dom +1, sermon of courage +2 - 17 morale! These dudes deal 21 per hit (Ancient ones) or 30 (Seal Guard). They should hack a SC into shreds.

If you're rushed by Elephants/Mammoths, use giants or trogs. Sure trample will hurt, but you're size 4 so it won't hurt that much, and with elephants' low Def you can hit them pretty easily for lots of damage. You can also use Oracles - elephants have got low MR, H3 smite will hurt.

If you're rushed by other blessed troops (e.g. Mictlan) especially with high Def, you might struggle more. However, not just your giants but your armoured Pale Ones (12 prot, 16-18?HP) can suck up a ton of punishment: you'll at least hit them a bit before you die, and Agarthans do plenty of damage on a hit. You can trample them with trogs, and employ plenty of magical firepower.
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