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Ninth Battle ( Assailt - 47 turn - visibility 66 )

Battle plan:

The map was snow, There was a road at the south which cross the map from east to west. There was also an iced river which cross the map from north to south at the center.

There were only two objectives this time both behind the river, one big at the map center behind two hills with a thin pass between them. Those hill dominate the north approach avenue.

The other objective was further south next to the road and covered by a forest plus a hill.

The plan was simple, advance with all forces through the north path, The main force will be Company A plus C, A will secure the hills, Company C will cross the river and capture north objective. After that our forces will turn to the south and capture the remaining target. Engineers section will go between both companies to clear the path of mines if needed.

Recon force will advance 100 meters in front of the main force.

Company B and tanks will be the reserve, they will advance 400 meters behind of the main force ready to join to the assault.


As expected the hills in front of the objectives were well defended, recon force engaged the defenders with snipers, also HMG provided support fire from the rear, Companies A and C slowly advanced.

One AT-gun was detected hidden in the north forest, engaged and destroyed but a few casualties were taken, when C company were to reach the river they went under gun fire, a pillbox was detected far at the other river bank, artillery was ordered to lay a smoke curtain to blind it.

The fight at the hills progressed slowly, enemy resist at their foxholes, the first section of company A armed with SBM was dispatched to assault it, using smoke grenades closed range and were able to start evicting the enemy.

The river crossing was slow, a few times the pillbox was able to fire causing big casualties. One infantry section tried to assault it many times with no luck. Finally an engineer section was able to destroy it, when we though that the path was clear a second pillbox opened fire, again it was blind by smoke and was destroyed by engineers a bit later. After that Company C took the control of the north objective destroying the last defenders there.

At same time company A was able to fully control the hills, infantry reserve was joined to them, both companies were ready to move towards the south victory objective.

Then enemy launched a counter attack to recover the north objective, many infantry units move out of the south forest another group were coming from the road area, they were supported by HMG and snipers.

And infantry duel caused many casualties to both sides, our artillery was unlucky and failed many shots. Lt. Col. Samoila decided to launch our tanks against enemy infantry despite we weren't sure if there was AT-guns or tanks at the area.

With the support of tanks and the artillery the enemy counter attack was stopped and routed.

Finally our tanks and a few infantry squads advanced through the road and took the control of the objective without more opposition.

Decisive victory for us !!

Post Battle thoughts:

Two curiosities about this battle, it is the first one were enemy was full infantry, no armor of any type, also there wasn't a mine belt, or barbed wire, etc despite it were an assault.

I had many infantry casualties due the pillboxes and the enemy counterattack which I can't block as fast as desirable.
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