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Default Re: A runamia AAR

I've enjoyed reading your AARs in this campaign, someday I'd like to take the time to go through them a bit more leisurely Really, considering the very difficult matchup you've chosen, I think you've done quite well.

There's only two suggestions I have: first, you can get a bit extra xp for your 0 units each battle if you use them to fire long range suppression fire whenever possible - even if its not needed or misses; second, try thinking of your tanks not as tanks but as slow heavy armored cars and use them a bit more aggressively in that role (early spoiling attack/scouting, general long range fire support, late game mopup).

If you use your tanks in a more active role though you'd need to keep an infantry company back as reserve, maybe use some squads from that reserve company as riders on the tanks. Just make sure they have plenty of smoke so they can hide themselves and the tank from danger. I'll admit its a bit of an odd way to use tanks but, in '42 a 35(t) really isn't a tank!

Anyhow, keep up the good work
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