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Originally Posted by Brian61 View Post
There's only two suggestions I have: first, you can get a bit extra xp for your 0 units each battle if you use them to fire long range suppression fire whenever possible - even if its not needed or misses; second, try thinking of your tanks not as tanks but as slow heavy armored cars and use them a bit more aggressively in that role (early spoiling attack/scouting, general long range fire support, late game mopup).
Thanks for reading it.

My main problem with 0 units is that I use it in front line like another squad. I had bad luck and all 3 were destroyed recently, perhaps I should be more cautious. Your suggestion to use them mainly in long range support fire seems good for their health.

About "tanks" ... I doubt between removing it or keep them with me. Romanian R2 are really expensive for what their offer, in a delay or defense missions it is a lot of extra points for the AI, also it is not historically correct having them in a infantry battalion.

If I keep them is to have crews trained by the time Germans start giving them more advance tanks, but isn't going to happen until 43.

But I agree, a more aggressive use may be done to worth their price.

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