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Default Re: Moldavia shall be united principality

Battle 1:

City of Cahul, 44000 population.

2nd Infantry Division "Getica" begins advance into Moldavia. We have managed to completely surprise the enemy due to quick attack. Special Forces and Border Guards seized key bridges for our forces at night and now formations can begin their run.

282nd Mech. Division "Unirea Principaletor" will quickly advance through the city of Cahul, southern Moldavia. It is imperative to leave the city behind by nightfall and be enroute towards M3 road leading to Komrat and Chisinclia. Follow up forces will mop up remaining resistance.

At least one enemy infantry battalion from 3rd Infantry Brigade deploys in the area. They are possibly not aware of out advance just yet. Unknown number of Border Guards and supporting units in the city itself.

Entire 282nd Mech. Brig. for disposition.
Recon Company on TABC-79 from 528th Recon Btn. "Vlad Tepes"
2x MiG-21 with 100kg bomb payload
4x IA-99 trainer aircraft with Kh-25, rockets and bombs
1x UAV support

Brigade General Andrea Tonea, lead your men through the city of Cahul and achieve a breakthrough in no less than 2 hours. The city is loosely 2,5km long and possibly lightly defended. Commanders intent on micro scale execution. A path through the city must be made and brigade must be ready to go towards road M3 in no time. Minimize friendly casualties. Minimize civilian casualties, but heavy artillery is allowed if traded for speed. Artillery must be pushed through the city by the end of the time.

The operation begins at 0630 on 14th September 2014. Weather is clear so far and relatively hot, reaching up to 23 Celsius Degrees.

(northern sector of the map: I plan to launch a mechanized battalion as feint attack to hold possible enemy forces trying to support the city during the assault)

(Cahul itself. Key buildings and roads need to be secured)

(Artillery park and command element visible)

My plan:

I am deploying 3 main battlegroups:
BG1 - 1st Tk Coy and 1/280btn Mech. They are tasked to push through main city artery. They receive majority of fire support available.
BG2 - 2 Tk Coys + 2&3/280btn Mech. They advance through the southern arteries, somehow like a hook, in order to drive enemy attention and support BG1. They are tasked to regroup with BG1 in the city centre.
BG3: Entire 300btn Mech. Their task is to push through the north and create a distraction, as well as conduct enveloping manoeuvre if no resistance is spotted.

OK, let us see how it works like.
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