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Default Re: Moldavia shall be united principality

Thank to everyone who was so kind to merge my posts, looks better now and yet everyone knows new posts appeared.

Turn 11:
Sector central: fighting along Police HQ continues. Without casualties, I manage to take out or rout 3 enemy squads. The building itself is clear indeed, like a jewel... protected by spikes...
I slow down my tempo. I focus on taking out targets at a distance, at which I find my forces quite a successful.
South: my units in there declare barracks secured at last. Tanks engaging singular targets at the main square.
North: happily driving around... no it is not! A recon soldier of head elements is killed by enemies guarding the crossroad I was to capture and cut Moldavians off. It seems I need to take it by force. Sheer numbers make me not plot artillery on this threat.

During enemy turn, northern sector TABC is taken out with 5% chance (3rd such in this game) from RPG-7V. No survivors, of course. Anothe MLI-84 (empty) is finished by tank hunter teams. Infantry failed to provide overwatch...
Another TABC gets knocked out by SPG-9, what was quite a possible (16%). My air strikes are failed...
This does not look good. Romanian military fails extremely badly in urban areas.

Friendly losses: 5 men, MLI-84, 2x TABC
Enemy losses: 3 squads, some AT and AA teams

Turn 12:

Police HQ is declared clear now. Enemy is dug in in hospital, as expected. Tanks are answering fire, I knew I will force enemy to reveal their positions by putting tanks nearby. After Bizonuls are done, infantry moves in and takes out the straglers. In total 28 casualties are sustained by the enemy to 1 my soldier.
BG4 on the hill encounters tank hunters, but takes them out without any issues. I am bit worried though that hill is also seriously defended.
Seing progress at the hospital, sector south begins a push towards the centre. For now limited resistance is spotted.
But to my surprise, centre also seems to be left empty. Just a single MTLB with Fagot is spotted and taken out quickly by a tank. TABC is damaged by failed RPG round, no more casualties. Enemy reached about 20 take downs.
My expectations are city centre will fall next turn. But there are couple of communist flats nearby, I am woried these are defended heavily, as last time.
To the north, my recon platoon lays some suppresive fire at Moldovans covering the crossroads and waits for the main force to appear. But TABC with entire crew is lost in the process...

Enemy turn: no effects

Friendly losses: 1 man, TABC damaged, TABC lost, scout team
Enemy losses: ~50 enemies, ZPU-2

Turn 13:

As I expected, flat buildings area is covered by enemy. I loose one man, but MLI autocannons force them out. BUt after basic combat it seems there is... one more platoon, just in case.
With decisive thrust, taking no casualties, flats are secured by half of a tank company and same amount of mechs. In the same time, BG2 confirms city centre secured unless there is enemy activity inside the catherdal. Hospital will be in my hands very soon.
What is left: a factory, a crossroads and artillery crossing.
I send BG4 at the factory, since their fighting strenght is untouched yet. Looks like enemy deployed without noticable strongpoints, leaving no weak points around the city. Sadly, one more Bizonul is finished by SPG fire, possibly the same one that took my TABC out. Looks like SPG platoon is guarding the way to the factory. My infantry discovers one hat is just about to light my MLI. Smoke goes out. Its gonna be funny.
Luckily however, militia seems to be only combat unit that is left. Their weak fighting skills may be life saving for me in here.
TO the north: guess what! 3% chance hit removes my last TABC. Of course no survivors. In fact, Recon company is wiped out completely, what is huge blow for entire division.

Enemy turn: Bizonul is down to SPG fire...

Friendly losses: 2 Bizonul, 5 soldiers in various combat situations
Enemy losses: ~80 enemies at least

Turn 14:

Advance against a factory goes really bad. Militia with SPG help holds extremely well. Both sides suffer heavy casualties. Cathedral has ZPU on the roof that kills 2 more of my men. My entire artillery targets the factory and neoighbourhood area. Plan: similar to estate stronghold, pound and take during initial stun.
Northern sector clears the crossroads without casualties as soon as mechs come in to play. Enemy platoon wiped out.

Enemy turn: sporadic fire from factory area, third SPG is taken out.

Friendly losses: circa 15 troops
Enemy losses: circa 50 troops

Turn 15:

Steady preparations for factory assault are commenced. My task force slowly approaches, taking out another militia platoon on the way.
UAV would be helpful now, but well...
As soon as FM is over, I conduct a rush in...

Friendly losses: none
Enemy losses: militia platoon
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