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Default WinSPMBT version 10.0b Upgrade patch

WinSPMBT version 10.0b Upgrade patch

As usual we remind everyone that on going secure PBEM games WILL fail if a new patch is applied while they are being played.

22 New Scenarios
12 Revised Scenarios
28 New or Revised Map files
180 New or Revised Photos
323 New or Revised Icons
93 Updated OOB Files
16 New or Revised Icon Graphic files
1 New or Revised Text files
115 Revised picklist files
Upgraded Game Options
Upgraded ScenHack

The game will now detect if Taskbar autohide is on when running in windowed mode and warn the player that this may cause problems . The game will now post an error message if in windowed mode if it finds auto-hide ON. Players have the option to ignore this or cancel out of game to fix auto-hide. To turn the check ON or OFF there is new line added to GameOptions in the MISC tab.

The Y key Range menu hot-keys now work properly.

There was a bug where if you loaded a game after an AI assault or advance. The old programmed fire block was not being cleared down, leading to odd behaviour (either your or the AI batteries would use the old data sometimes), requiring you to press the "clear programme" key to stop this happening for you to return the batteries to your control. This has been corrected and now works as intended

Autocannon firing indirect fire now use the correct explosion graphic, rather than the small single explosion.

Indirect artillery which is not located now produce less smoke, thus being less likely to give their position away.

Using Z fire ( area fire ) if enemy units are 30 hexes away or less away has a slightly increased chance per shot fired of the firing unit being spotted. So there is now a potential penalty for indiscriminate Z fire use

winSPMBT end date is now 2025

Setting OOB vehicle unit survivability to 7 gives that vehicle the same crew/ vehicle survival chance from of mine attacks as one in a normal MRAP unitclass and in game terms that is a slight increase to crew survival over a unit set to survivability=6. Remember this is mainly related to crew survival of mine attacks NOT survival of the vehicle itself.

Turkey VS Mujahadeen , battle locations (batlocs) are in Syria post 2013 and Mujahadeen uses ISIL forces. Also Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Gulf States, Saudi Arabia (generic Middle East) Israel VS Mujahadeen - generic middle east locations, v ISIL post 2013. Mujahadeen v Mujahadeen post 2011, uses Syrian batlocs, post 2013 uses ISIL troops (Syrian civil war)

Afghanistan battles in winter can now produce snowy maps, especially in mountain maps.

UK specific town battle locations to Afghanistan (Sangin, Musa Quala etc) have been added.

A bug whereby arty with high skills got an 0.6 initial delay off gold spots has been corrected, the minimum initial delay is now 1.0.

PGM ( precision-guided munition ) from aircraft will now work like HEAT on hard targets, even if it is an HE type weapon (has to be as an air weapon for aircraft). If the AP pen is 222 coded ( and all relevant weapons now are...), it will strike any hard target hit as HEAT using the HEAT pen value.

A new NLOS missile weapon class has been added which can be directed only by FOOs ( but this includes HQ's and light helos) at any located unit on-map. They can be fired at all targets, regardless of ammo. (uses PGM HEAT test for Ap value). NLOS missiles fired direct by ATGM vehicles act as a top-attack ATGM. NLOS missile firing is only available to the extended game / CD owners and is not available with the free demo version.

22 pages of suggested OOB changes and/or corrections have been reviewed , researched and applied to the game along with a number of changes we made to enhance OOB accuracy and / or completeness.

NEW for the extended CD version holders only

Additional new status information is now shown at the bottom of the screen. If the status is pinned, the status line is yellow, if retreat or worse, it is red. If suppressed more than 1, that is highlighted in yellow and Damage is now shown. In green if 0, otherwise in red.

Scenhack has a new SQL sort facility. This will allow extended game/ CD holders to sort scenarios by the follow methods

Scenario ID - ( the current default sort )

Scenario date - creates a list of all the scenarios in the game sorted earliest to latest. Handy for anyone interested in a specific time period

Battle type - if you are only looking for assault scenarios for example this is will give you a list with all battle types grouped together

Player 1 ID - if you are looking for all scenarios with Poland ( for example ) as player 1 the list will order all scenarios by player 1 nation ID

Player 2 ID - as above but the list will be ordered with the priority being Player 2.... If you want to find all the scenarios Great Britian is the opponent the answer is now one click away

Scenario length - If, for example, you only have time for a short game and don't want to spend an hour of more looking through every scenario to find one for you to play with one click a list will be provided of all scenarios in the game ordered by length from shortest to longest

You can also search by scenario title


When you press the SORT tab for the first time the game creates information tables based on what you have in you scenario folder. Not everyone will have the same info as not everyone only has the stock scenarios in their Scenarios folder so players need to be aware that during the reading phase that usually takes under a minute, any extra scenarios that may have been created or modified will also be added to this list so remember this is not just a list of the standard as released game scenarios but every scenario in your scenario folder. Players should also remember that this reading of scenario data ONLY occurs when you first press the SORT tab.....any new scenarios you add after that will not be automatically read into the list so as you add new scenarios you will need to remember to press the CREATE TABLES button to get those scenarios into the data base

Pressing the WRITE CSV button a "Save As" screen will appear and you will be able to create a printable CSV record of this information

Pressing SEARCH TITLE will produce a list of all scenarios with a key word......for example of you recall a scenario you played had the word "hill" in the title.... a search for "hill" will produce a list with all the scenarios with that word in it

You will also see a RUN SQL button. That allows players to further refine their search using the data headers. For example the default for search title is ORDER BY Scenid and the list will be produced in scenario ID order but if you wanted to create the list by year you would change "ORDER BY Scenid" to ORDER BY syear and the list would show scenarios by the year they are representing

ADDITIONALLY ---- The AI pathfinding routines have been tweaked in the extended CD version . For obvious reasons I won't go into detail about what was done except to say the AI will now be less likely to think roads are wonderful things to advance down
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