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Default Re: Hi there; your happy moderator/designer here..

Some quick tips for you to get started:

- Many players have found it necessary to grab a loan on their first planet visit, and either get a Pirate contract (reduces pirate attacks significantly) or buy some ships quick. Make sure you're defended quite well one way or the other before starting to buy/sell things.
- Planet Contracts are good too, they increase the amount of items offered on that planet, they make it so that when you leave a Planet where you have a contract, you cannot be attacked by Pirates (the city escorts you), and makes the prices a little more in your favor, and makes visits to the Prime Minister on that planet free of charge (there's normally a 500 credit charge).
- When visiting a planet you generally know to have good low prices for stocking up, visit your bank and withdraw some money before going to the Trade Center.

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