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Default Re: STM "Final v1.7.5" Discussion

Originally posted by Chief Engineer Erax:
Maybe this is a good time to explain the differences between both mods to us forum-goers who weren't around when work on them began?
The basic difference between the two mods was that the ASTmod played more along the lines of a typical SE4 game, while the STmod was intended to be a complete 'conVersion' sort of thing, much skewed from the original game.

Originally posted by Imperator Fyron:
Much of Kwok's time (until the Last few months) was spent theorizing and coming up with ideas, and also making graphics. The actual implementation of them in the data files takes much less time.
That is true. Also keep in mind that most of the time while I was working on the mod, I was also attending school, working, and married.

I've given Atrocities the full go ahead to use whatever he wants from the old mod, and I'd stay on in more of a consulting role. We discussed this Last night and the new mod should be along the lines of what I was working on, but minus the ships and other graphics I had before the loss.

I'm going to keep the STmod site up, but I might move in to a different web address in the next week or so. I'll redo my current site to feature more info about SE4, StarFury, and other fun Captain Kwok stuff I'll be working on once I my new computer arrives.

Anyways, good luck to Atrocities on this task and I hope he meets his self-imposed timeline.

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