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Default Re: Ts4EVER scenarios

Thanks Ts4EVER. Btw started your 29th Infantry Campaign again, scoring a marginal win (about 1450 to 350) at Omaha Beach while losing "only" 4 or 5 core squads. Kept the trucks, AT guns, AO and FO at sea; there was a landing craft available to call artillery so didn't need to risk the FO.

Landed at Red Beach as before, being careful to spread out the mortars and MG's. After taking the top objective split the forces with one-third going
around the woods to get on the road to the 200-point village objectives while the rest went down and slightly inland to approach beachfront VH's from the flank or rear (the first Panzerturm I ran into was an unpleasant surprise). The Q1 jeep came ashore some turns later which eventually took the last town objective (lower right of the map) since the infantry were slowed by cratered roads. Both tanks made it ashore but only one saw action before getting immobilized in an artillery (rocket?) strike.

Unfortunately I've run into a problem (posted in the "error trying to load saved campaign game" thread) that prevents me from going past the Campaign Summary to the next mission. Don has come up with another fix that I'll try out presently. Sure hope it works 'cuz my blood is up for the next battle! Cheers and thanks again for a great campaign.
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