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Default Re: Ts4EVER scenarios

Originally Posted by Ts4EVER View Post
I finally had some free time to get some scenario designing done, so I made a little pack with 5 scenarios. They are all smaller than the 29th infantry one and better suited for a fast round during lunch or PBEM.
Been playing these scenarios the last week or so. All but #2 Pursuit. Lotsa fun, even if my results were less than stellar. Couldn't finish Halbe Pocket, even after reloading--guess I need more practice in crisis management...

Btw those JPz IV/48 F/1's in Frontbereinigung couldn't do anything against buttoned, motionless SU-76M's within 450 meters. Must've squeezed off a dozen shots without a hit. Meanwhile, one got it "right in the chops" from an opfiring Su-76, while the others fell victim to long-range shots from 76.2mm AT guns in the eastern trenches. Next time I'll just keep tank destroyers out of sight to save the points!

Anyway thanks for the scenarios and happy gaming.
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